The Link: MP3 And Boating

The Link: MP3s And Boating

Bar having nestled under a rock for the past ten years, most people are well aware of the power of the MP3. The MP3 is more than simply a new audio format it represents a whole generation that grew up with the internet, watching and contributing to its growth, some making careers out it, others now depending on it for even the simplest daily tasks. MP3s are the fruit of this generation’s work and involvement, their dedication to finding a format that coupled not only quality but into a size facilitating over the net transfers. The end result: a small file, very easy to load, simple to read for both software and hardware players, and most of all transferable to portable devices to be taken out and about into the world, less cumbersome that a CD player and completely altering the conceptions regarding how music is listened to.  All that makes MP3 perfect for your boat!

Nowadays, MP3s are ubiquitous; they pervade and mesh our daily lives in this digital age. Few are those not owning some sort of portable player that relies on MP3s for its audio output. From jogging motivation to radio broadcasting to boating, the MP3 is entrenched in human activity of all kind. The digital spread of music across the internet via the MP3 format also revolutionized the music industry, laying waste to the monopoly of large recording label conglomerates in Los Angeles and New York. The MP3 allowed musicians and fans to share music instantaneously without having to go by way of the record store chain on the high street or more obscure record boutiques for left field leaning listeners. Sharing it online is easy and thanks to online payment developments, artists can now sell their music without the need for a label.

It is no surprise some odd uses of the MP3 have surfaced; of particular note is the way boating has incorporated the MP3 into its culture and hardware. Gone are the days of bringing stacks of compact disks or cassette tapes for your boating trip.  More and more people are installing MP3 devices on boasts to accompany their outings, be they for fishing, touristic cruising or raucous partying. From boat parties, to gentle accompaniment to an afternoon guarding the line, MP3s now serve as important parts of any boaters experience out at sea. Speedier vessels have inbuilt stereo speaker systems with radio, CD and now USB readers which allow MP3s loaded onto a stick, then inserted in the stereo, to play seamlessly whilst out of the water or on a dry dock enjoying a quiet afternoon of cleaning and maintenance duties.

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